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Do you want your boat to be the same colour as you car?

An awesome new orange Phantom 13 with a black racing stripe down the centre. It matches this truck perfectly and looks amazing. Wahoo Powerboats can now color match your boat to any vehicle now.




What’s the difference between an outboard boat and an inboard boat?

Outboard motors for a boat are developed as an easily removed self-contained unit with engine, subsidiary systems, and propeller, designed to be mounted at the stern (rear) of the craft. They are the most common motorized method of propelling small water-craft. Outboard motors benefit from the ability to draw coolant from the water, eliminating the need for radiators and cooling fans, thereby simplifying the design and lowering component weight. Read the rest of this entry

WSB Distribution

Welcome to WSB Distribution the exclusive supplier of Wahoo Powerboats for the South of England. Our exclusive partnership with Sapphire Yachts provides us with the opportunity to deliver a ground breaking product to a growing marketing within the UK leisure boat industry.

Here are a few facts to help you decide the next steps of your experience with WSB Distribution and Wahoo Powerboats: Read the rest of this entry

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