WSB Distribution

Welcome to WSB Distribution the exclusive supplier of Wahoo Powerboats for the South of England. Our exclusive partnership with Sapphire Powerboats provides us with the opportunity to deliver a ground breaking product to a growing marketing within the new leisure boat industry.

Here are a few facts to help you decide the next steps of your experience with WSB Distribution and Wahoo Powerboats:

  • Jet skis and personal water-craft have a very limited market. We offer a similar price point with a much wider audience and many benefits over a jet ski.
  • The only growth sector for boats in this economy is small boats! (Up 12%!) Wahoo Powerboats is uniquely poised to benefit from this trend.
  • Operational and insurance costs are super low with these boats.
  • Due to the sleek styling public perception is that these boats are prohibitively expensive. They are shocked to learn how reasonable they are!
  • Each boat is hand made in the Wahoo Powerboat facility in the USA.
  • These boats are designed to be ocean friendly. Not just for lakes and rivers.
  • Due to the¬†lightness of the boats they are quite fast while using less horsepower and fuel .

The WSB Distribution team looks forward to helping you with any inquiries you may have about the Wahoo Powerboat range.



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