WSB Distribution

Welcome to WSB Distribution the exclusive supplier of Wahoo Powerboats for the South of England. Our exclusive partnership with Sapphire Yachts provides us with the opportunity to deliver a ground breaking product to a growing marketing within the UK leisure boat industry.

Here are a few facts to help you decide the next steps of your experience with WSB Distribution and Wahoo Powerboats:

  • The only growth sector for boats in this economy is small boats! (Up 12%!) Sapphire Yachts is uniquely poised to benefit from this trend.
  • Jet skis and personal water-craft have a very limited market. We offer a similar price point with a much wider audience and many benefits over a jet ski.
  • Operational and insurance costs are super low with these boats.
  • Due to the sleek styling public perception is that these boats are prohibitively expensive. They are shocked to learn how reasonable they are!
  • Each boat is hand made in the Sapphire Powerboat facility in the USA.
  • These boats are designed to be ocean friendly. Not just for lakes and rivers.
  • Due to the lightness of the boats they are quite fast while using less horsepower and fuel to run them.

We look forward to hearing from you and discussing the different options available to own one of these superb powerboats that are changing the way everyone can get on the sea, safely, economically and to have fun.


About WSB Distribution

WSB Distribution is the official Distributor of Wahoo Powerboats UK.

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